My Mission

We are passionate about providing research-based wellness and nutrition education with one purpose: to enhance YOUR pursuit of meaningful and sustainable lifestyle changes.

About Dabney


Dabney graduated from Westmont College in 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology. After working as a fitness trainer for two years, she pursued her dream of becoming a nurse and worked at the Cook Children’s neonatal intensive care unit from 2008-2011. Dabney received her certification in nutrition in 2011, which she is using to educate and empower others as they take steps towards meeting life changing goals.

My Services

Individual Wellness and Nutrition Consulting

One of our core (and personal favorite) services is one-on-one coaching. We offer a variety of wellness & nutrition consulting/coaching based on desired results. Health and Wellness isn’t a “one size fits all”, so we don’t take that approach…rather, we custom design a plan that’s perfect for YOU. We can also connect via Skype or Zoom.

Group Wellness and Nutrition Programs

Getting fit and healthy TOGETHER with a group can be life-changing, and we highly value the environment that a group dynamic can foster. We love to collaborate with gyms and studios to educate clients on how to reach their goals through proper nutrition and exercise.

Personalized Wellness Management Package

In addition to our individual wellness and nutrition consulting, we will help take your transformation efforts to the next level with a customized package that includes food delivery! Twice a week, you’ll receive packages with individualized portions for all meals and snacks…no thinking required!

Wellness Home Remodel

In order to build on a new foundation of health & lifestyle changes, it requires destroying the old! Not literal construction, but we do offer a complete clean out of pantries, refrigerators, medicine cabinets, & bathrooms. We toss the junk, then replace essential items with “cleaner”, healthier options that are safe & still high performing.

Group Education Classes

Knowing is half the battle! We passionately educate individuals and families on taking back their health by hosting guest speakers once per month for group wellness education classes. Topics vary, and include: healthy cooking, financial advising, ideal exercise routine for healthy metabolism, osteoporosis prevention, and making a safer home.

All classes begin January 2017, and we have only 24 seats available for each class! You can purchase tickets to reserve your spot for the class you’re interested in. Each class is held on the first Tuesday of every month, no matter the topic, with an exception being July 2017.

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Dabney helped me change the way I think about meals and food. She doesn't just give you a meal plan and say "good luck" but walks you through everything step by step with your goals in mind. She goes above and beyond just food, and is a counselor, friend and mentor


Dabney is a fitness nutrition rockstar. Almost 3 years ago she got me moving and eating right. By eating more food more often, I lost over 40lbs the first year by making some simple changes in my eating and being consistent with exercise. Daily, I am grateful for Dabney's knowledge and guidance in my improved health and fitness.


I was skeptical as to what a nutritionist could do for me. Dabney taught me that it isn't just eating healthy foods, but that the right combinations of healthy foods must be eaten in order to properly satisfy your body's nutritional needs.


Dabney was the missing element to our health and fitness goals. We highly recommend her knowledge and meal plan to anyone trying to improve their health.


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Like what you see so far? I would love to connect with you to talk about how we can work together to help you with your personal health goals.